Practical modalities and plan

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in the FICS congress Réanimation 2017. One of the keys to the success of the congress is optimal use of the audiovisual equipment and for this reason we would like to remind you of the rules concerning the preparation of your presentations.

1. Sticking to the timetable

Please keep strictly to your allotted time. To help you in this regard, a chronometer will be displayed at the edge of the screen during your presentation.

Should you exceed your allotted time, the last slide will be projected automatically and you will then have one minute to wind up your talk, before the projector switches off. Your last slide should therefore present your conclusions, rather than your acknowledgements, because if you run out of time it will be an appropriate wrap-up.

This applies to all sessions for physicians (thematic sessions, oral sessions, and Flash Com sessions), but not those for nurses and physiotherapists (SKR), or industry-sponsored sessions.

2. Rooms without a lectern

Rooms 3 and 6 do not have a lectern. The speaker will have a headset and scroll through the slides using a remote. As the computer is in the control room, there will be no feedback other than from the screen on which the slides are projected. For use in rooms 3 and 6, videos must be configured to start automatically and not with a click. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the session, so that the technician can fit you with a headset.

3. Speaker preview room

Please leave your presentation on USB stick (keep a backup copy) in the speaker preview room at least two hours before the start of the session. Where possible, speakers whose talks are scheduled first thing should take presentation to the speaker preview room the day before.

You cannot use your personal computer in the conference room.

Speaker preview room opening hours:

  • Wednesday 07.30-19.30
  • Thursday 07.30-19.00
  • Friday 07.30-17.00

The speaker preview room is in Pavillon 5.3

4. Format of presentations

  • Digital media: USB stick or external drive.
  • Slides must be saved in 16:9 format (landscape).
  • Font: Please use standard fonts recognized by PCs (Calibri, Times, Arial…) and Windings for special characters, symbols, and bullet points.
  • Software: Slides must be saved in PowerPoint 2013 or an earlier version. Save your files in the format .pptx for better compatibility.
  • Photos: use the file formats .jpg, .gif, .tif, or .bmp (the format .pict is not supported)
  • Videos:
    • Video files must be inserted in the PowerPoint presentation using the insert function.
    • Videos incorporated into your presentation must be in the file formats .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv or .mov. Format DIVX 6 and more recent are not supported.
    • Don’t forget to bring the video files of your presentation in digital format (USB stick).

For Mac users

  • PowerPoint 2011 and earlier versions are recommended.
  • Save your presentation in the file format .pptx to preserve the quality of your photos and graphics on the PC.
  • The video and image files must be inserted in PowerPoint using the insert function.
  • If you use Keynote:
    • export your file in the QuickTime format, using the option “save files to”. The file can then be read by our computer system without any loss of recording or layout;
    • a team of Mac experts will be on hand to facilitate the insertion of your presentation in the system.

We are here to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how the sessions are organized or run.

Thanks for your contribution to Réanimation 2017.

FICS Scientific Committee