PIC 2018 – 21st-22nd June, 2018

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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

From consciousness to coma:

09:15-09:35     Pathophysiology of consciousness disorders
Lionel NACCACHE (Paris)

09:35-09:55    Evaluation of consciousness
Mauro ODDO (Lausanne)

09:55-10:15     Sedation and brain dysfunction in critically ill patients
Tarek SHARSHAR (Paris)

10:15-10:35     Pathophysiology of brain death
Giuseppe CITERIO (Milan)

10:35-11:00 BREAK


11:00-11:20    Immune-mediated encephalitis
Nicolas WEISS (Paris)

11:20-11:40    Emergent central nervous system infections
Alexandra MAILLES (Paris)

11:40-12:00   Central nervous system vasculitis
Bertrand GODEAU (Créteil)

12:00 – 12:15 BREAK

12:15-12:35    Sepsis associated encephalopathy
Fabrice CHRETIEN (Paris)

12:35-12:55    Drug-induced coma and encephalopathy
Bruno MEGARBANE (Paris)

13:10 – 14:10 Lunch / Symposium

Postanoxic brain damage:

14:20-14:40    Pathophysiology of anoxo-ischemic brain injuries
Fabio Silvio TACCONE (Bruxelles)

14:40-15:00    Brain protection: TTM and what else?
Alain CARIOU (Paris)

15:00-15:20    Neuro-monitorin
Mauro ODDO (Lausanne)

15:20-15:40    Integrative approach of prognostication
Claudio SANDRONI (Rome)

15:40-16:00   BREAK


16:00-16:30    Current management of Status Epilepticus
Hervé OUTIN (Poissy)

16:30-17:00    Pro-con debate: Continuous EEG monitoring
– (Pro) Giuseppe CITERIO (Milan)
– (con) Nicolas WEISS (Paris)


Friday, June 22nd 2018

Critical care acquired weakness:

09:00-09:20    Pathophysiology of ICU-acquired weakness
Janneke HORN (Amsterdam)

09:20-09:40    Clinical aspects
Boris JUNG (Montpellier)

09:40-10:00    Early mobilization
Beatrix CLERCKX (Louvain)

10:00-10:20    Work in progress
Khaldoun KUTEIFAN (Mulhouse)

10:20-10:50 BREAK

Sedation and Delirium:

10:50-11:10    Sedation strategies
Gérald CHANQUES (Montpellier)

11:10-11:30   Risk Factors and Diagnosis of Delirium/Cognitive Dysfunction
Romain SONNEVILLE (Paris)

11:30-11:50   Developing Management Approaches for Delirium
Samir JABER (Montpellier)

12:00-13:20   Lunch / Symposium

Trauma, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage:

13:40-14:00    Golden hours in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Mikael MAZIGHI (Paris)

14:00-14:20    Endovascular Approaches for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Serge BRACARD (Nancy)

14:20-14:40    Cerebral venous thromboembolism
Isabelle CRASSARD (Paris)

14:40-15:00    Reversing New Anticoagulants Agents
Anne GODIER (Paris)

15:00-15:20   BREAK

15:20-15:40    Vasospasm and other enemies after subarachnoid hemorrhage
Fabio Silvio TACCONE (Bruxelles)

15:40-16:00    Hemispheric Decompression
Marc LÉONE (Marseille)

16:00-16:20    Prediction of outcome in severe traumatic brain injury
Louis PUYBASSET (Paris)

16:20-16:30    Conclusion

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