The French Intensive Care Society (SRLF; Société de Réanimation de Langue Française) is a learned society founded in 1971.

Today it has 3500 members and operates in two main areas:

  • continuing medical education and post-university teaching,
  • promotion of clinical research and assessment of hospital-based intensive care.

Through these two objectives, the FICS, together with all those involved in intensive care, has a fundamental aim: to give intensive care its rightful place in the health system.

To operate and act effectively, the FICS has a Board of Directors comprising 12 members who are physicians and 2 members who are paramedics, and 10 working committees (Scientific Committees, Recommendations and Evaluation Committee, Ethics Committee, INSERM/SRLF Liaison Committee, Editorial Board of the journal Médecine Intensive Réanimation, Emergency Medicine Committee, Epidemiology and Clinical Research Committee, Youth Committee, Editorial Board and Nursing Congress Committee).
As part of its continuing medical training, the FICS:

  • Organises an international congress in January of every year at the CNIT PARIS LA DEFENSE, with the participation of the Society for Physical Therapy in Intensive Care (Société de Kinésithérapie en Réanimation (SKR)). The congress attracts 4000 participants of all backgrounds from 26 countries. Nearly 450 scientific communications are presented, and there are high-level conferences, workshops, debates on controversial questions, updates, and advanced courses in intensive care.
  • Observes an assessment policy rooted in the drawing up of clinical practice recommendations.

Intensive care has a strong tradition of clinical research, which the FICS actively promotes. The Scientific Committee selects the scientific communications for the international congress. Over 50% of these are published in national or international journals within two years after the congress.

The FICS awards prizes and grants. The selection committee is appointed each year by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee. The Board of Directors awards funding to teams of intensivists for feasibility studies, helped by the Clinical Research Committee and the Ethics Committee. The FICS also voices its editorial policy through:

  • its journal Médecine Intensive Réanimation, published every two months by Springer.
  • its open-access Annals of Intensive Care.
  • a large collection of scientific books:
    • Réanimation Europe, which covers topics both practical and theoretical. Some of the books in this collection are available in English, German or Spanish translations.

Two guides assessing the tools used in intensive care and emergency care have been published.

Last updated: 21/01/2017